What technologies do the MOYAVE VET products use?

Red SMD LEDs with a wavelength of 632 nm and a fabric made of very thin carbon fibers, combined with other functional materials.

What are the MOYAVE VET products supposed to achieve?

Their purpose is to stimulate and promote the self-healing processes that are almost always present within the body. In addition to acupuncture (which has proved its worth over thousands of years) and other manipulation techniques, therapies using light and heat have become increasingly important. There are many possible applications, especially in the context of tendons and muscles.

How do the MOYAVE VET products work?

Their efficacy is based on two factors, the first of which is photobiomodulation: Light in the visible red wavelength range can easily penetrate the tissue, and in most cases make a positive impact at the cellular level. The light that is penetrating must be processed by so-called photoacceptors, and this is where cytochrome c oxidase has a crucial role to play: It is found in the mitochondria of every cell, and this is where the respiration chain takes place, supplying and obtaining energy not merely for the individual cells, but for the body as whole. The cytochrome c oxidases fortunately respond to 632 nanometers, and this is the wavelength of the red light we use for the MOYAVE tendon boots and flat pads. By activating the cytochrome c oxidase, the nitrogen is released from the hemoglobin by means of a variety of intermediate stages. The hemoglobin can subsequently be recharged with oxygen, and this gives rise to a multitude of possible applications.

The second factor is derived from a very thin carbon fabric which is warmed up, duly emitting long-wave infrared radiation in the form of heat. This radiation in the so-called FIR range generally produces a pleasant feeling, raises the temperature on parts of the skin, and at the same time manages to penetrate a few millimeters into the body. If one (now) radiates this heat via carbon fibers, it’s possible to achieve very fine surface radiation and the heat is distributed very evenly. This promotes the circulation of the blood and has a calming effect. In many cases it can relieve pain, even chronic pain. In summary, we can therefore state that a combination of specific heat and specific light can essentially produce the following general effects: the flow of blood increases, and every cell — and its particular function — is activated. For example, this can lead to the more rapid removal of tissue water in the case of swellings, but also the more rapid repair of cells that might have been damaged. Healing processes in nerve cells, muscle cells, connective tissue cells and so forth can be greatly accelerated; inflammation is reduced, and pain is alleviated.

Why use red LED light and carbon infrared heat at the same time?

Their positive characteristics have already been outlined: If used simultaneously, the infrared heat can be viewed as an extra element that will accelerate the positive characteristics of the LED light.

Can the LEDs and the infrared heat be selected on their own?

Yes, this is made possible by the control unit that’s included, namely the so-called “Control Box”.

Can the LED therapy damage the tissue?

No, this is impossible if the device is used properly with the corresponding presets.

What indications can the MOYAVE VET products be used for?

The MOYAVE H45 Tendon Boot and P45 Flat pads can be used for many indications, depending on the diagnosis — either on their own or as a back-up. In many cases we are therefore able to promote the circulation and reduce cramps. Further possible applications include muscle disorders, pulled/strained muscles, and muscle fiber rupture; in the area of tendons and joints, this encompasses inflammation of tendon sheaths, excessive strain, insertion desmopathies, periosteal inflammation, and general swelling and inflammation. The pads can also be of assistance in cases of localized nerve damage. Pain relief treatments (such as with spondylosis in dogs or Kissing Spine Syndrome in horses) are also classic areas where the devices can be used.

What contraindications are there?

If used correctly, there are no contraindications; nevertheless, direct radiation of the eyes from a close distance over longer periods of time should be avoided.

Why does the veterinarian have to apply the MOYAVE VET products?

It’s important that they should make the correct diagnosis and then suggest the corresponding therapy or auxiliary therapy.

Can animal owners use the MOYAVE VET products without a diagnosis and a therapy plan?

A veterinarian should make the correct diagnosis and then suggest the corresponding therapy or auxiliary therapy. However, the pad’s simple design and robust finish mean you can also apply it yourself after its use has been explained to you by the veterinarian or therapist. There are corresponding ways of borrowing the devices too.

Can the MOYAVE Pad be used for acute injuries too?

That depends on the diagnosis: for example, if a treatment requires the joint to be cooled, the MOYAVE VET products should only be used with the LED light function. The decision is ultimately down to the veterinarian who’s in charge of the treatment.

What’s the difference between the H45 tendon boot and P45 flat pad?

The various H45 tendon boots are specifically designed for use in the area of the suspensory ligament in horses. The P45 flat pad can be used on other joints and parts of the body.

What does the Control Box do?

The Control Box contains the Lithium-Ion battery so the device can be operated without being connected to the mains; in order to commence the treatment, it’s connected to the H45 tendon boot or P45 flat pad. By using one of the nine presets, the Control Box can also be used to select the program that’s envisaged for the treatment.

Can several H45 tendon boots and the P45 flat pad be used at the same time?

Yes. It is possible to carrying out several simultaneous applications.

Can the H45 tendon boot or the P45 flat pad be bent?

No. Even though the MOYAVE H45 and P45 Pads offer straightforward handling, they’re therapeutic devices and must accordingly be treated with care. In order to prevent breakage, the products should be stored flat or rolled up lengthwise.

Why is pulsed light used for some of the treatment programs?

With some indications, various studies assume that the tissue that’s being treated needs treatment time and a corresponding recovery time, similar to contraction and relaxation when a muscle is exercised. At the same time, pulsed light can penetrate deeper into the tissue.

Does the Control Box have to be detached from the flat pad or the tendon boot during the charging process?

You don’t have to unplug the connection cable that links the Control Box to the flat pad or the tendon boot. The MOYAVE flat pad or the MOYAVE tendon boot can remain connected to the Control Box throughout the charging process.



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